No more Laptop Ban on Flights to the US

Trump's ban on laptops and other electronics for flights from more than 10 Middle Eastern countries didn't last long and was lifted on most of the airlines affected. Etihad Airways, Emirates Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Kuwait Airways and Royal Jordanian all issued statements letting passengers know that they now can take laptops in the cabin on US-bound flights.

Smart UAE Wallet Turns your Smartphone into a Passport

You no longer need to take out your passport if you're flying from Dubai International Airport. All you have to do is download the Smart UAE Wallet , register and then use the required machine-readable barcodes generated within the app to pass through the smart gates. Passengers won't even need to carry their board pass, which should reduce departure clearance time to between 9 and 12 seconds per passenger. "This is only the initial phase…

Emirates, Etihad, Flydubai & AirArabia Suspending Flights to Qatar

1 year ago
After Saudi Arabia & the UAE announced that they’re severing diplomatic relations with Qatar for “harboring a multitude of terrorist and sectarian groups that aim to create instability in the region”, all major UAE airlines ...

Emirates Profits Drop by 82% ($1.5 Billion) Following Trump Travel Ban

1 year ago
Emirates Airlines witnessed its first drop in annual profits for the past five years as it dropped to $340m in the year to March 31, down from $1.9bn in the previous 12 months. The Dubai-based ...

Emirates Airlines Mocks United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz

1 year ago
Emirates Airlines and Royal Jordanian Airlines have been using the backlash against United Airlines to their own advantage. Emirate Airlines took things a step further by directly mocking United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz and quoting ...

Emirates Hits Back at the US & UK Electronics Ban

1 year ago
Emirates Airlines, Middle East’s largest carrier, hit back at the UK & US travel ban on electronic devices larger than mobile phones, by releasing a shorter ad promoting their in-flight entertainment options with the slogan ...

Passport Index 2017: UAE has the Strongest Arab Passport

1 year ago
The Global Passport Power Rank 2017 list is out and the United Arab Emirates was ranked the strongest Arab passport in 28th spot with a visa-free score of 122. This means that UAE citizens are ...