Apple invited five local amateur photographers to take part in their first-ever Eid campaign and shoot on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus the most iconic symbol of this special time of the year: the moon. The photographers spent 21 nights in the desert trying to capture the different phases of the moon and were tied by a telescope.

How can you take moon shots with your iPhone?

Canadian astrophotographer Andrew Symes was there to guide the photographers throughout their journey and shared his expertise. Basically “the trick to a great astronomical photo is capturing the right amount of detail and ensuring that the shot is not too bright or too dim. Your iPhone already gives you the ability to capture gleaming objects against a dark background easily, so just make sure to dim the moon by adjusting the exposure so that features like craters are visible and properly exposed. I highly encourage everyone to get a simple telescope and give it a try.”

If you’re interested in space photography, iPhone moon photography workshops are being offered at Apple Dubai Mall, Apple Mall of the Emirates, and Apple Yas Mall.

Check out the video featuring all pictures [here].