World’s First 3D Printed Skyscraper Will Be in Dubai

Dubai is already home to the world's first functional 3D printed office building which was only built in 17 days and it might soon be home to the world's first 3D printed skyscraper. Dubai-based construction technologies firm, Cazza, has declared that it will be able to 3D print skyscrapers using a new construction technique called "crane printing". Cazza's CEO Chris Kelsey who's only 19 years old, confirmed that "Through our technologies, we will be able…

Nissan Middle East just Introduced Desert Camel-Power

When I first read "Desert Camel-Power", I thought it was some sort of joke or marketing stunt but then I watched the whole documentary on National Geographic Abu Dhabi and it's pretty awesome. Basically, Nissan Middle East wants to revolutionize the way we define desert capabilities for SUVs and they've come up with a new concept: The "Camel Power" which use a scientifically proven formula to determine, in an accurately measurable and reproducible way, how…

New Radars Installed in Dubai To Catch Queue Jumpers

6 months ago
The Dubai Police has installed on Wednesday new radars capable of detecting motorists who illegally try to cut in, bypassing long lines of traffic. The camera, which is equipped with a video-analytics feature to analyse ...

Would You Use a Self-Flying Taxi?

7 months ago
Dubai has announced that self-flying taxis are coming this summer and will start taking people across the city starting July. The self-taxi in question is the Chinese-made EHang 184, which can only take one passenger ...

Tesla Launching in the UAE Next Week

7 months ago
Elon Musk is coming to Dubai on February 13th for Tesla’s official launch event. It is reported that the company has already sent out invites for the launch at the Armani hotel in the Burj ...

DCD Fire Fighters Using Jetskis & Jetpacks

7 months ago
Dubai’s Civil Defence recently launched “Dolphin”, a jetski service aimed at reducing the time needed to extinguish fires, especially when there’s a heavy traffic around. The jetski comes equipped with a jetpack which the firefighter ...

Qatar & the UAE Have the Fastest Broadband Internet In The Middle East [2016]

8 months ago
US-based cloud services provider Akamai published its Q3 2016 internet connectivity report which includes “data gathered from across the Akamai Intelligent Platform, covering Internet connection speeds and broadband adoption metrics across both fixed and mobile ...