US-based cloud services provider Akamai published its Q3 2016 internet connectivity report which includes “data gathered from across the Akamai Intelligent Platform, covering Internet connection speeds and broadband adoption metrics across both fixed and mobile networks as well as trends seen in this data over time”.

Globally speaking, the average connection speed 2.3% from Q2 to Q3 2016, landing at 6.3 Mbps. South Korea topped the charts with the world’s fastest internet connectivity speed with an average of 26.3 Mbps, followed by Hong Kong, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland. As far as Arab countries are concerned, Qatar held the top spot among the surveyed countries (10.9 Mbps), followed by the United Arab Emirates (8.3 Mpbs), Kuwait (8 Mbps) and Saudi Arabia (4.9 Mbps).

Qatar also led the Middle East & Africa region with the highest average peak connection at 94.3 Mbps, more than 27 Mbps higher than the UAE. On the other hand, the UAE topped the list in the 4 Mbps Broadband Adoption (IPv4) with 91% vs 83% for Qatar.