Travel & Tourism 2017 Index: UAE Second Safest Country in the World

The 2017 Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index measures “the set of factors and policies that enable the sustainable development of the travel and tourism sector, which in turn, contributes to the development and competitiveness of a country”. It is issued by the World Economic Forum and ranked countries based on several pillars. The UAE ranked 29th globally out of 136 countries but more importantly, it ranked 2nd in terms of safety and security with a…

Emirates Airlines Mocks United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz

Emirates Airlines and Royal Jordanian Airlines have been using the backlash against United Airlines to their own advantage. Emirate Airlines took things a step further by directly mocking United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz and quoting him saying "those airlines aren't airlines" last month, then prove him wrong by bragging about their Trip Advisor’s Best Airline in the World 2017, as well as winning Best Economy Class and Best First Class in 2017. They ended it…

Emirates’ Triple-Decker Has a Swimming Pool and a Games Room

Emirates unveiled its plan for the world’s largest commercial aircraft, the APR001: triple-decker jet, complete with a pool, park and games room. Needless to say, it's an April Fools' joke but they haven't confirmed it yet and I'm sure people will keep on sharing this news for a couple of years thinking that it's true. Well played Emirates and please make that pool happen somehow lol!

It’s official! Amazon Will Acquire issued a press release earlier today where they confirmed they've reached an agreement with Amazon. is the biggest e-commerce marketplace in the Middle East and is often referred to as “the Amazon of the Middle East". Techcrunch reported that the deal may be at around $650 million. Now we wait and see if we're going to get an soon or will remain as is. A week ago, Dubai's Emaar Malls made…

Spot the Bentley in This 57.7 Billion Pixel Image Of Dubai

6 years ago
Bentley just released one of the world’s most detailed landscape images, a 57.7 Billion Pixel Image Of Dubai and is asking people to find a Bentley somewhere in this huge image. It’s not really that ...

Nissan Patrol vs. Porsche 918

6 years ago
It’s not every day that you see a Nissan Patrol destroy a Porsche 918 in a drag race. The Patrol, dubbed Porsche killer, was first featured on The Grand Tour on Amazon Prime and what’s ...

Emirates Hits Back at the US & UK Electronics Ban

6 years ago
Emirates Airlines, Middle East’s largest carrier, hit back at the UK & US travel ban on electronic devices larger than mobile phones, by releasing a shorter ad promoting their in-flight entertainment options with the slogan ...

World’s First 3D Printed Skyscraper Will Be in Dubai

6 years ago
Dubai is already home to the world’s first functional 3D printed office building which was only built in 17 days and it might soon be home to the world’s first 3D printed skyscraper. Dubai-based construction ...