The Digital Evolution Index is a data-led evaluation of digital development across 60 countries based on four key indicators, with about 170 indicators across them:
– Supply Conditions
– Demand Conditions
– Institutional Environment
– Innovation and Change

The UAE was named in this year’s report a “stand out” country, which means “countries that are highly digitally advanced and exhibit high momentum. They are leaders in driving innovation, building on their existing advantages in efficient and effective ways. However, sustaining consistently high momentum over time is challenging, as innovation-led expansions are often lumpy phenomena. To stay ahead, these countries need to keep their innovation engines in top gear and generate new demand, failing which they risk stalling out”.

With a score of 3.22, the UAE is by far the most advanced market in the Arab World followed by Saudi Arabia. The UAE also ranked 22nd globally.

Etisalat also reported few days ago that the UAE now has the highest penetration of fibre-to-the-home connectivity in the world at 93.7%, followed by Qatar and Singapore.

Digital technologies will change the future of work and developing the infrastructure for a knowledge economy is of utmost importance for all countries.